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Me and B

Me and B

Hello there! Just a few things you need to know, or might like to know, about me:

My husband, B, and I live in West Africa and we LOVE it. We’ve been here for several years. We don’t know where we’ll land next, but we love the adventure of it all!

I’m mostly a vegetarian which you can read more about in my first post. I want to attempt to bring you quick and easy vegetarian options that will get you in and out of the kitchen. Sometimes this will include baking because I happen to have a severe sweet tooth!

I love different cultures. I love cooking ethnic food and learning about the dishes of different cultures. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE traveling and if I could travel for a living I would totally do that!

I have two adorable dogs. A dapple doxie, Ani, and an African dog, Zelli. Both of them make my life pretty interesting and are constantly amusing me with their antics!

And I adore my husband. He is my only and the person I didn’t know I needed. I’m so blessed to call him mine 🙂

So that’s me in an nutshell, more or less. Welcome to my vegetarian adventure!

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Arpit says:

    Hello Jadiida,

    I am Arpit. I will be visiting Dakar for a month. I am a vegetarian. Can you suggest some good places to eat vegetarian food in Dakar? Any advise on vegetarian options in Dakar would also be helpful.


    • Jadiida says:

      Hi Arpit! Most restaurants in Dakar will have some vegetarian options in the form of omelets, sandwiches and pizzas. My favorite places for good vegetarian options are Mama Mia (their grilled veggie sandwich), My Way (Lebanese food), Les Jardin Thailand’s (they can substitute any meat with tofu!) and NoFlaye (crepes on the beach with chefs who can substitute veggies for meat!). I hope that helps!!

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